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How Much CBD Should I Vape?

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When starting my CBD oil journey, I wondered how much CBD should I vape, once I learned e-cigarette vape liquid to be the most effective (and enticing) method for me.  Really it depends on your vape device.  Isn't vaping CBD the best?  It’s easy to do in public, it works fast, and you can control how much CBD you're getting in your system throughout the day. It can be a little intimidating with all of the different options, though. There are a lot of different kinds of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, where do you start with dosing?

When figuring out how much CBD you should vape, you have to consider how long it might take you to get through a cartridge as well as the level of CBD in the oil. If you have a cartridge that is 200 milligrams in one milliliter, the average puff will yield 2 milligrams of CBD per puff.  When you are just starting out, it's important to keep your daily dose under 10 milligrams until your body has acclimated. From then on, you raise the levels gradually until you reach the point of relief.

How To Tell How Much MG in E-Liquid

It is almost impossible to tell how much CBD you get with each puff without watching each person through a microscope while they do it. It’s a good idea to monitor how long it takes to go through a milliliter of e-liquid to gauge for yourself how much you are dosing CBD.

The dosing differs between the type of e-cigarette, how long you are drawing the vapor, and how long you are holding it in. If you are just starting out, the best thing to do is get a starter kit that comes with an e-cig and replaceable cartridges. The starter kits we sell in our shop are between 100 and 180 puffs per milliliter, which is pretty easy math to figure out how much CBD is in each puff.

If it only takes you 100 puffs to get through a 100-milligram cartridge that is 1 milliliter, you would be getting 1 milligram of CBD in each inhale. If it were 180 puffs,  you would get 0.55 milligrams in each inhale if you hit it the same way the same time with no malfunctions or alterations to your e-cigarette. Like stated before, using these calculations is just for a general idea of how much CBD oil you’re getting in each puff. If you are looking for a more exact dose, according to our CBD Dosage Chart, using CBD tinctures or pills are an easier way to be as precise as possible.

Once you get the hang of this whole vaping thing, you’ll be able to get customizable e-cigarettes you can modify to fit your smoking style. Just keep in mind the number of puffs will change with every change to the e-cigarette you make.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

How much CBD I should Vape

Now that we know how to figure out how to dose, how much CBD oil should you aim to take? Before you make any decisions, it is essential to consult your doctor before adding any medicinal changes to your routine. If you are taking any medication, there is a possibility that it can interfere with what CBD is trying to do for your body. Safety always comes first, even before enlightenment.

Once you get the go-ahead from your awesome doctor, you will probably already know that you need to start at a low dose. It can be dangerous putting large amounts of anything into your system. Just think about how too much caffeine can affect the body! Even in high volumes, CBD is well-tolerated, however you just never know with your body, so better play it safe.

A low dose would be less than 3 milligrams per sitting. If you have anxiety or pain, you might start feeling relief in minutes after taking your first dose as so many have. It is commonly recommended to start yourself with around 10 milligrams per day until you feel your body has acclimated and there are no adverse reactions. Gradually raise your milligram level over a few weeks to keep an eye on any side-effects.

How Long Should I Hold a Hit of Cannabis or CBD?

It's a myth that holding smoke or vapor in your lungs after a hit makes the CBD or THC more effective.  What you're actually doing is depriving your brain of oxygen!  Instead, try to take a puff and inhale air afterward.  Learn more about how long to hold smoke in your lungs and remember to breathe!


At our shop, we have high-quality CBD e-cigarette starter kits, cartridges, e-liquids, and even disposable pens if you just want to check it out before you commit to a full-blown pen. If you have decided you might want to try a more precise method, there are great options for tinctures and pure CBD oil that can make dosing easier.

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  • Your maths in the article above is wrong, 100mg divided by 100 puffs equals 1mg per puff like you said, but 100mg divided by 180 puffs equals 0.55mg per puff not 1.8mg, can’t have more puffs and also get more each time. Sorry to be padantic but thought I’d put it out there in case anyone bases their dosage on this calculation and wonders why it isn’t working for them.

    Lias Sadaoui on

  • Hi Stevie!

    If you are having issues with chronic pain and the 250 MG dose isn’t working for you, it may be time to try a higher dose. The 500MG cartridge or the 600MG Hemp Oil Vape Liquid would be double of what you are taking and it might pack that bigger punch that you are looking for.

    Using tinctures is also a great way to go, and can work quickly like the e-cigarettes do. Since your pain is so severe, have you considered using suppositories? They work quickly and they last for longer period of time so you aren’t having to re-dose so often throughout the day.

    Another option, if you have the hardware for it, is the concentrates. Many people with chronic pain have found success using the isolate, crumble, shatter, and wax that you smoke through an oil rig.

    I hope this has helped, feel free to message us on Facebook or comment back here if you have any questions!

    CBD Support on

  • Hi, I have been trying to find the right dose for chronic pain, some pain at times makes me yell or scream. I have a high tolerance for where cbd comes from, and I was wondering if that makes a difference and what mg I should try? I have a 250mg vape pen and I take hits to where I can barely inhale again and it’s not really doing anything. It curbs it very little. I’ve been using it for 5 days.
    Thank you. **if my comment isn’t approved, I honestly beg you to answer with a dose as best as you can through my email. Please please, I want to go through yall 100% when I get a new dose, OH BTW-I want to try tinctures.
    Please and thank you. Xoxo :)

    Stevie on

  • Hi Chanel! It’s pretty early and I’m a little fuzzy on the subject but if your goal is to be precise, as mentioned in the article perhaps a different route of administration such as a tincture or maybe even suppositories would be a more reliable method to ensure you’re following your doctor’s orders.

    If you absolutely insist on vape juice, though, getting a bottle of CBD Vape Juice at 1000mg or more alongside a vape pen is going to be the most cost-effective solution for your needs. We’re still playing catch-up getting all of our products online, so please do not hesitate to call one of our stores here in Denver so we can help you get precisely what you need. Ariane is available to consult with you any time after 12pm MST today, you can reach her at 303-697-6040.

    With all of this said, I want to point out that studies show you cannot overdose on CBD. In all our time selling CBD, I can’t think of any negative feedback on high doses – even when customers jump right into say, 1500mg vape juice; no complaints that I know of.

    If you have any more questions or just want to talk to a real person feel free to give us a buzz any time and thank you for contributing your question!

    Support on

  • Hi,

    I need a daily dose of 100mg CBD daily for my condition. My doctor has recommended switching to vaping and this is all new for me.
    If like you say vape jiuce of 200mg per 1ml yields an approximate 2mg per puff my bottle of vape jiuce of 100mg/1ml will yield 1mg per puff.

    This means that I will need a extra long series of puffs to get to my usual dosage of 100mg daily! I find it quite strange to need 24 puffs at one go for my morning dose of 25mg. Is that normal and safe? Any help on how many puffs I need to get as near as possible to my usual dosage of 100mg daily dose will be appreciated.

    Thank you :)

    Chanel on

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