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Why You Need CBD Bath Salts

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Do you ever feel like you wish you could bathe in your pain relief lotion? With CBD bath salts, you pretty much can. Soaking yourself in CBD may have incredible effects on your skin and body that you don’t want to miss out on.


CBD Bath Salts For Pain

After a workout, or maybe after an average day because you are suffering from an illness that tears your body apart, you might already go for a soak in the tub. Hot water does wonders when relaxing your body, but wouldn’t it be better if you were healing it at the same time?

Your skin is filled with CB2 receptors, which makes it the perfect place for CBD to enter. CBD bath salts may reduce inflammation in your injuries, as well as lower your sensitivity to pain. This relief isn’t just for the bath, either. This relief may follow you for several hours.


CBD Bath Salts For Your Skin

If you have a skin disease like eczema and psoriasis, CBD bath salts may be able to help the inflammation and pain go down considerably. CBD oil also has shown to help repair damaged skin, helping to heal the open wounds. Even if you don’t have a skin disease, CBD can still benefit your skin. Working as an antioxidant, CBD has shown in studies to eradicate all of the free radicals that may have built up over time due to exposure to the elements. It also may regulate the glands that control how much oil is produced, giving you softer feeling skin.


CBD Bath Salts For Mental Health

Self-care is one of the essential things in life you need to practice. Some people need a little more care than others, and that’s okay. By committing to a routine where you take time to care for yourself, your expressing how important you are, which can go a long way subconsciously. CBD bath salts also may relax your body, which can help your brain wind down as well. If you still can’t seem to stop your mind from racing to enjoy your “me time,” taking CBD candies or a CBD vape pen in with you wouldn’t hurt.


If your pain is extreme, your skin is damaged, or if you just need to dedicate thirty minutes to yourself, CBD bath salts are the perfect remedy. The CBD soaks up into your skin, giving you relief all over. Be sure to stop by our shop to get your CBD bath products today!

Sarah Potts


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