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Exercise and Bone Health

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Exercising is usually associated with losing weight or gaining muscle strength, but did you know that exercising can strengthen your bones, too?  Your bones are kind of like muscles in the way that they are made up of living tissue and can get stronger when they are worked out. Exercising can help improve or maintain muscle strength, coordination, and balance which can help prevent falls and fractures. Older adults who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis are especially encouraged to exercise because of the many benefits to the body it brings.

Exercising for your Bones

While all exercise is a great way to improve your strength, there are certain types of exercises that are a better fit for bone strength and are easier to manage when you are dealing with something like osteoporosis. According to the Surgeon General, the goal is to have at least thirty minutes of physical activity on most days, but if you can do it daily. If you have any health problems like heart trouble, diabetes, obesity, or being older than 40, ask your doctor before you start exercising regularly so they can let you know whether or not your body is able to handle that kind of physical stress.

Some of the best exercises that help people improve their bone mass are those that don’t require you to flex, bend, or twist; this is because those exercises can be harmful to your spine if you aren’t careful.  You should also avoid high-impact exercises to lower the risk of breaking a bone. Some of the exercises you should be looking into if you have low bone density and would like to build your bone strength are:

  • Climbing Stairs
  • Brisk Walking
  • Water Aerobics
  • Tai Chi or Yoga

When you are first starting out, you should work with a specialist who can help guide you through your work out routines. Doing something wrong can make you injure yourself, and the whole point is to keep you safe! Talk to a specialist, and you can start with very easy exercises and work your way up to build more strength. Taking CBD oil for your bones may also be able to help because studies have shown that they promote bone growth, so ask your doctor about adding CBD hemp oil to your regimen for better success!

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