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CBD For Your Aging Pet

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You and your pet have made it this far together, and you want to hold onto every second they have left. Just like us, their bodies weren’t meant to last forever. But you can make the aging process more enjoyable for your pet with the help of CBD.


Arthritis doesn’t care if you have two feet or four, it’ll come after you. As your dog ages, they are putting wear and tear on their body just like us. With all of the running and jumping they do, they may develop arthritis.

Arthritis happens when the cartilage between the joints starts wearing away and doesn’t offer that cushion support anymore. When the bones start scraping against each other, it causes pain and stiffness in the joints. Infections and injuries can also cause arthritis, making inflammation flood to the area. Too much inflammation can damage the cartilage, even more, bringing on the pain.

CBD helps reduce inflammation by regulating the immune system. The immune system is what sends the army of white blood cells to the affected area, and sometimes it gets a little overzealous. CBD elevates the endocannabinoids that regulate the immune system, reducing the number of immune cells sent out.


With old age comes pain, and your pet might at the point where going to their food bowl is too much. Pain can cause animals to get overweight, underweight, develop diseases, and makes their lives miserable.

If it is cuts or scrapes that are causing your pet to whine and cry, CBD acts as an antibacterial as well as helping the healing process move along quicker. With CBD’s ability to elevate the endocannabinoid anandamide, it also helps reduce the pain in the area you put the medication. For internal pain that is hard to reach, CBD treats work in almost the same way. Instead of targeting a small area, the CBD’s effects are more evenly spread out through the body.

Low Energy

Your pet may have low energy because of pain, and that is something you need to look into first. If they have arthritis, they aren’t going to enjoy long walks on the beach with their best friend or chasing a fake mouse around the house. Once the pain is dealt with or ruled out and your pet is still tired, CBD can still help.

If your pet has low energy because they are depressed, CBD can help boost their mood. The chemical anandamide isn’t just useful for reducing sensitivity to pain. This endocannabinoid also boosts your pet’s mood. If they have a chemical imbalance in their brain or inflammation from an injury, CBD can help them regain their happiness by letting them know what it feels like again.

If your pet has low energy because they are overweight, CBD can help with that as well. By increasing the number of mitochondria as well as making them more active, CBD helps the body metabolize more efficiently, giving the body more usable energy. This won't just provide them with energy; this can also help trim some of that unwanted and unhealthy fat.


We love our pets and wish they could stay around forever. They love us back unconditionally, and their sad eyes when they get sick is too much to handle. Help out your fur children by giving them CBD for the last of their days.


Sarah Potts


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