8 Signs Your Pet Has Anxiety

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If your pet has anxiety, your house could become their war zone. A lot of pets with anxiety can develop destructive or dangerous habits, but catching it before it gets too bad can help you help them. After all, we don’t want our furry friends feeling anxious all of the time; we know how it feels!

8 Signs Your Pet Has Anxiety

1. Destructive Behavior

Is your cat clawing at absolutely everything? Does your dog gnaw on the side of the door? These behaviors are all indications that your pet may have anxiety. Not only is your house a mess when this happens, but if they eat things they aren’t supposed to eat because they have been chewing everything in sight, it can cause internal issues in their body.

2. Aggression

Does your dog snap? Do you just assume now that your cat is evil because anytime you go near them they latch on and start biting? Maybe your animals are getting in fights frequently, and you can’t figure out what the fuss is about. If your pets are showing aggressive behavior, they may have anxiety.

3. Change In Body Language

Both cats and dogs have similar body language when they have anxiety. You may notice how attentive they are to their surroundings, constantly scanning the area. Their muscles can be tense and their pupils dilated. If your cat is never in sight and always hiding, this is one way they can express anxiety.

4. Repetitive Behaviors

When animals have anxiety, they may take to pacing around the house. Both cats and dogs can become more vocal and their bodies can start to tremble. If they are constantly grooming themselves and you notice that they are panting, your pet may have anxiety.   


5. Inappropriate Urination Or Defication

Dogs don’t use litter boxes, well most don’t, but when they are going inside the house it could because of anxiety if they have been trained t go outside. If your litter box is clean enough to eat out of (don’t), and your cat is still going around the house, they may have anxiety.

6. Escape Attempts

Does your dog dig at the door or at the fence outside? Does your cat wait by the door and try to escape at any chance they get? They could be curious about the outside, or they could have anxiety and feel that running is what is going to save them from their feeling fo fear.

7. Excessive Shedding

When you get stressed, you may start to lose your hair. Your pets can experience this, too. While animals will shed more in the summertime, if they are shedding a lot and showing other signs of anxiety, the fur loss could be from their stress.

8. Follows You Everywhere

My dog experienced a traumatizing event when he was a puppy. Everytime I move, he follows me. Even in the bathroom. If your pet is stuck to your side, they may have anxiety. You are their sense of comfort, and they feel safe with you.

How Can You Help?

CBD oil may be able to help with your cat or dog’s anxiety the same way that it benefits humans. Studies show that it reduces the overactivity in the brain that causes anxiety, which can help them calm down. Using delicious CBD treats or oral spray may be what your pet needs to be happy and healthy!

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