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Why You Should Ditch The Street Weed

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With all of this talk about how great marijuana is and how beneficial it is to our health, it may seem like a good idea to buy weed off the street until your state legally sells the medicine you so clearly need. Weed is weed, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Using marijuana you get off the street instead of a reputable dispensary can have consequences that can lead to poor health.

You Just Don’t Know What You’re Getting

When it comes to marijuana you can get in a dispensary, they tell you how much THC is in the bud as well as other cannabinoids like CBD. This is how you can more accurately go through trial and error phases to find the right dose because you have a controlled medication. When you buy marijuana from your friendly neighborhood drug dealer that got a couple pounds of weed in a Ziploc bag and has slapped a designer name of their product, you have no idea what you are getting.

You know how sometimes you get a batch that is just so good you want to savor it? That is because it has a good ratio that works for you. The majority of growers who sell illegally don’t pay close attention to cannabinoids that aren’t THC because their consumers are mainly buying to get high. Having too much THC and not enough CBD is how people get paranoid and anxious when they smoke, and it can have a lasting effect on you after use.

It’s Not Safe

Hollywood likes to show drug dealers as these big mean bad guys who are strapped to their chin in Glocks and they will hurt your family if you owe them as little as twenty dollars. This isn’t a reality when it comes to the majority of drug dealers, especially marijuana exclusive dealers, but that doesn’t mean the action is safe. Not everyone who smokes marijuana only smokes marijuana and putting yourself in that environment opens you up to being exposed to people who have some serious problems. Even though your dealer might be the nicest person you know, they are still running a business and are letting a variety of people around them for profit. You also don’t want to be there when their house gets raided because you will get taken down to the station with them. Even though you might only get a slap on the wrist, it’s a traumatizing experience to go through for a little bit of green.

What Can You Do?

It’s not fair that you have to wait for your government to come around just so you can get the help you need. We recognize that, and it makes it that much harder to stay lawful. One thing you can do is move, which sounds extreme but many people have done it. Especially parents who have suffering children that can only live a normal life with the use of cannabis.

Another part of the marijuana plant is free game, though. CBD doesn’t get you high, it’s not addictive, it is very well tolerated, and it is legal to purchase and own. CBD has just as many health benefits as THC, and many of them overlap such as mood stabilizing, pain management, and just overall regulation of your body. If you can’t move and you can’t wait, stop by our shop and get you some pure CBD so you can medicate without breaking the law.

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