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Is THC Only Recreational?

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When you hear about recreational marijuana, of course, we think of THC and how it gets us high. But is there more to THC than just getting the munchies and giggles? Absolutely! Cannabis that has THC is more than just recreational weed, like CBD it is packed with healing potential.

How Is THC Like CBD?

Both THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system. The difference is that THC binds directly to the CB1 receptor while CBD interacts more indirectly. The reason THC can directly bind is because it is almost identical to the chemical that our bodies make called anandamide, which is also a chemical that CBD elevates.

This direct bind is why people feel that euphoric high when they consume cannabis. When you have a marijuana strain that is high CBD and low THC, or you are using hemp oil with no THC at all, you don’t get that high feeling. Many believe that marijuana is nothing but something to get stoned off of, but THC has so much more to offer when used correctly.

What Does THC Help With?

Like CBD, THC is excellent for pain. Because it acts like anandamide at a magnified level, THC has helped many people reduce their perception of pain. Anandamide is also involved in your appetite, which is why THC has helped so many cancer patients eat through their chemo. Like CBD, THC is also an anti-inflammatory and promotes immune function in the heart.

If It Heals, Why Is It Illegal?

That is a question we ask ourselves every day. THC has been known to help with pain, appetite, sleep, mood just like CBD. The reason that it is illegal in so many states is because of the euphoria it gives. THC is considered a schedule one drug because the FDA and the DEA claim it has a high potential for abuse with no benefits medically. Which, as you can see as the laws change from state to state, is being proven to be wrong.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use THC in their homes for fear of being unlawful. Here at CBD Instead, we don’t want you to break the law. That is why our products all have under .03% THC so you can get the health benefits of medical marijuana without having to worry about a drug test. If you are looking to use marijuana for your ailments, be sure to check out our shop and find the perfect product for you that can get you healthy without the high.

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