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Can Weed Help At Work?

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Depression and anxiety are a big problem in the workplace. Many people struggle silently which eventually starts to show in their work. There are some ways that you can help yourself, like getting a new job, going to therapy, and taking medication. The only problem is pharmaceuticals have side effects that can make work even more unbearable, or have you dosing off at your desk. Medical marijuana without THC but a lot of CBD is perfectly safe to use at work because you don’t have to worry about working intoxicated and it can help treat some issues that are making your workday miserable.

We are finally coming to a time where mental health is taken seriously in the workplace. Without your mind at its peak performance, how can anyone expect you to dish out perfect work? CBD might be the solution to your illness getting in the way of work.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical that comes from the cannabis plant also known as marijuana. Unlike the popular THC, it doesn’t get you high. Just like the other cannabinoids in the plant, though, it is packed with healing potential.

CBD can help with so many different types of ailments because it interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is in charge of regulating our entire body, using chemicals and receptors to mediate the activity going on in your brain and body.

The endocannabinoid system has metabolic enzymes that clean up old and used chemicals while healing and repairing damaged cells. Another prime function they have is synthesizing endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids mediate the transmissions between neural cells, either promoting or inhibiting neurotransmitters being sent from the presynaptic cell.

Cells all over the body and brain have cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Cannabidiol doesn’t directly bind to these receptors, but through elevating chemicals and opening pathways, it indirectly interacts with these two receptors. CB1 receptors are primarily involved with the nervous system, while CB2 receptors are involved with the immune system.

CBD oil is so useful in aiding with mental health because of its involvement with the transmission between cells. The only reason you can move, think, or speak is because your brain is communicating with itself. Billions of neurons use tiny electrical pulses to send information to other brain cells. CBD makes sure that this incredibly complicated process goes off without a mental breakdown hitch.


Depression sucks the fun and life out of everything it touches. It may make your job seem pointless, no matter how much the paycheck used to motivate you. It just doesn’t work anymore. You know that you have to feed yourself and pay your rent, but nothing seems to matter. This makes it hard to fulfill your duties as well as concentrate on your work.

No Energy

Depression is exhausting. It can be hard to wake up and put a cheery face on for the crowd when depression is sucking all of the energy out of you.  Everything you do seems like it takes so much effort, and at the end of the day even though you are exhausted, you might not be able to sleep. This can make you a sour person, making workplace relationships difficult to keep positive.


This loneliness puts you in your head, which isn’t the safest place to be while depressed when you go in unarmed with coping mechanisms. You can start to feel worthless, or inadequate because you aren’t putting forth your best effort and you know it.

CBD Can Help

CBD helps regulate your mood and regulates your serotonin receptors, helping your brain use its chemicals the way it’s supposed to. People with depression want to be happy, they just can’t feel it. If you have depression, you know the feeling of wanting to smile with your every being, but the action only disgusts you. The weight of your reality is just too much to push through. CBD can be the solution to finally being able to feel cheer and joy.


Racing thoughts, paranoia, inability to concentrate, having an anxiety disorder while trying to function at work can be a nightmare. Always worrying if you’re good enough, ever selling yourself short, and creating a fictional reality where everything is worse than it is. The problem with mental health is that sometimes it’s you who are toxic to yourself.


Who are they talking about in the conference room? They glanced at you, you know it, are you getting fired? Did you remember to date the last report you sent in correctly? Is your fly down? Your desk is a mess, that is probably more of a priority than the e-mail you need to send to the entire company before 5:00. Anxiety can make your racing thoughts turn into your works enemy, making every situation appear to be the worst case scenario.


Anxiety makes it hard to concentrate because your brain is going a million miles a minute and it’s challenging to keep track. Distractions are extremely easy to come by, and your attention is spread so thin it might evaporate. Being continuously overwhelmed can wear someone down, making them irritable and hard to be around.

Social Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t just make work harder for you, but everyone around you. It’s so easy to get caught up in our thoughts and reach a height of stress that snapping at people who have no idea what you’re feeling is almost natural. They don’t get you; they don’t understand you, so apparently, they don’t deserve consideration. Anxiety can also make you go the opposite directions, completely cutting yourself off from all social circles. Just going into the break room makes you sweat, so you go out of your way to avoid people. This is such a waste of time and precious resources; you should never waste the good minds around you.


If you have PTSD episodes at work, it can make every turn around the corner terrifying. Worrying that there is a trigger everywhere you go puts an unnecessary strain on your mental health. It can be difficult to talk to people about your triggers, having open and honest conversations about what makes you uncomfortable, but it is a conversation that you should have if you have episodes in the office.


If you have to wash your hands for several minutes multiple times a day, or if you need to wipe your desk down with sanitizing wipes before you can sit at it, you are wasting a lot of time with your compulsions. It may seem like ten minutes here and there don’t matter but lump it together, and you can lose hours at work because your mind won't let you concentrate unless all of the binders are in alphabetical order.

CBD Can Help

CBD is great for anxiety because it calms down overactive neurons. When your brain cells are sending too many signals across the map, CBD comes in to let the cells know that they are being ridiculous and need to chill out. CBD can help you deal with those millions of things on your plate one assignment at a time while being calm, cool, and under control.

What To Do When The Workplace Is Just Too Much

If you find yourself in a toxic work environment that isn’t safe to talk about mental health, you need to start looking for a new job. You do not need to suffer just because a company hasn’t caught up with the times. Spending eight hours in a place that puts mental stress on you is no way anyone should be living even though so many are. There are other options you just have to look for them.

Ex-Criminals In The Work Place

Many people who have mental health problems also have had a past of addiction. This can result in having criminal records. It may be easy for someone with job experience and a clean record to hop on over to a new job, but for the ex-felon, it’s a different story.

Some ex-criminals find themselves in a job where they are treated poorly because their employers know that they won't find work anywhere else. But this isn’t true. There are still many companies who will give you a chance, and you can even consider working for yourself, it’s easier than you might think. You can also look in your area for clubs or programs that advertise giving people like you a second chance you’ve earned.

More Than Medicine

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, medicine isn’t magic. For many disorders, medication alone is not the most successful treatment plan. Talking to a therapist and getting down to how you feel and what you can do to start thinking different is just as necessary as taking medicine. You’ve been lost in your head for so long, it’s time to let someone inside and help you out.

If You Take Medication Already

If you are already taking medication, talk to your doctor before making any changes. The pills that you’re on may need to be dosed down instead of quitting cold turkey, and you don’t want to risk your health. Some medications might cause harmful effects when mixed with CBD, so keeping your doctor involved is vital for your safety.

If you’re ready to make your workday easier, be sure to stop by our shop. If you have a job where you can openly take cigarette breaks, using the e-cigarettes is an excellent discrete way to start medicating. Taking CBD oil pills in the morning can also help make your emotions more stable throughout the workday. Whatever method you want, even suppositories, we’ve got it.

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