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Cannabis For Nursing Homes

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Nursing homes are starting to pick up on the trend and are letting their seniors use cannabis. Because CBD oil has the healing benefits of cannabis without the high, some nursing homes are allowing their residents to find late-in-life relief through the cannabis plant. Unfortunately, not every nursing home is on board. Why is it so important that nursing homes offer cannabis oil as an alternative to their community?

Reducing The Number Of Pills

Many seniors are turning to cannabis oil because it helps with several ailments instead of just one. It can be overwhelming having to take multiple pills at multiple times a day, especially if you are suffering from a disorder or disease that is deteriorating your memory. With nursing care costs on the rise, nursing homes could benefit by opting to use CBD oil instead of prescription medications. They too could save money on the mass amounts of pills they have to buy to keep their community healthy.

Seniors Are Becoming Addicted To Pain Killers

Out of all of the patients on Medicare, almost a third were prescribed opiates for their pain in 2015. That year, 2.7 million Americans over the age of 50 were reportedly abusing their painkillers. In the past twenty years, hospitalization due to opioid abuse has quintupled for seniors over the age of 65. Though the opioid epidemic has been targeting younger addicts who obtain the drug illegally, this epidemic has also found its way into our nursing homes.

People Using Opiates Prefer Cannabis

A study conducted on 2,897 participants shows that the majority of people using opioids either can reduce how many painkillers they take with cannabis or prefer to use cannabis by itself to treat their pain.

No Overdose And Less Risk

When taking prescription pills, there is a chance of overdosing, and many of the side-effects can turn out to be worse than what the medication is trying to treat. Medical cannabis is such a viable option because it has no reported lethal overdose and instead of creating side effects, it gets down to the illness and its specific symptoms.

Using medical cannabis in assisted living centers or nursing homes could change the way that these facilities are caring for their residents. It makes sense that they would want these last few years of their lives to harbor less pain. CBD oil can help with a multitude of illnesses without making the user high, making it an excellent option for the elderly. When it comes to your time, you’d want access to a safer alternative, too, right?

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  • Hey Michelle,
    I’m sorry the nursing home is being so difficult. Have you sat down with them and found out the reasoning behind not allowing the CBD Oil? They may have to worry about liabilities letting their residents take medicine that isn’t approved by insurance. There are a ton of reasons why CBD oil isn’t as accepted as it should be, but figuring out their reasoning can help you come to a solution. Things that you can do are start a petition, get in contact with the head chairs of the nursing home to open up dialogue, or find a new home for your mother.
    I hope this has helped.
    CBD Instead

    CBD Instead on

  • Who can I talk to to get CBD oil ok’d in my mother’s nursing home. I snuck it in for a while then a cna found it. And the director of nurses stated it’s against the law for CBD oil to be at their facility. How can I change this? Her alternative now is to take more pain pills. This is ridiculous. Help please

    Michelle L Thomison on

  • Hi Erik!
    It is absolutely okay! Thank you so much for asking.
    CBD Instead

    CBD Instead on

  • Hello, I just wanted to ask permission, is it okay if I use some of your information, on a presentation.

    Erick on

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