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The Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana

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Synthetic marijuana is a very misleading title that has some give to the chemical sprayed on potpourri. Even though more information has been coming out warning people of the dangers of consuming this drug, it is still sending people to the hospital.

What Is The Difference?

Someone makes designer drugs in a lab and sprays the chemical on plant matter like potpourri. It is even sold as potpourri and labeled, “Not for human consumption” right on the package. These drugs are often changed to follow the laws that keep banning them. The only purpose of this drug is to get the user high, no matter what it does to their body. Common names for these drugs are Spice, K-2, BLAZE, and over 600 others.

Marijuana is natural and comes from the earth. Though there are growers who manipulate the plant to have higher cannabinoids, they aren’t adding anything that the plant can’t already yield. Changing the ratio of THC to CBD can make a cannabis product legal in states that deny access to the full plant, but high CBD content in hemp oil isn’t just for the sake of legality. Changing cannabinoids in the cannabis plant changes how it acts medicinally, it’s not just to keep people from getting arrested for distribution.

What Designer Drugs Do To Your Body

The reason lawmakers are working so hard to find these new chemicals and make them illegal is that they have caused people to become hospitalized from an overdose. There have been patients who have had their heart stop and needed resuscitation from taking these chemicals. These drugs can also give you suicidal thoughts, make you have more violent behavior, cause kidney damage, and even seizures. Another issue with this harmful drug is that is can also be addictive.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Designer Drugs

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression

Why Are People Using Designer Drugs?

The side-effects and risks involved with designer drugs are becoming more well known, so why are people still choosing to use it? A quality that many addicts find attractive is the potency of a drug. One thing about designer drugs is that since they are designed to get someone high and nothing else, they have an extreme effect on the user. When tested in the lab they found that the chemicals found in the most popular synthetic drug were 2 to 100 times more potent than THC.

Teens, people on probation, or those who get drug tested at jobs have also fallen victim to the promise of a high without THC. They may be unaware of the risks involved when choosing to use designer drugs. Considering this drug is also addictive, it can make it difficult for them to quit once they realize what it can do to them.

What To Do If You’re Addicted To Designer Drugs

If you find that you or a loved one are addicted to a designer drug, it can be quite the battle trying to quit. If you live in a state where THC is illegal, and you feel like you need to get high, you might be chasing something else. The need to be high is usually a need to escape how you feel. This is a bigger issue than just rolling up a joint and having fun; this is something you need to address on a deeper level.

Hemp oil can help with the addiction cravings as it has helped with people trying to quit heroin, oxycontin, and even cigarettes. While also reducing the anxiety and depression that comes along with the withdrawals. You should also seek a therapist to find out why you need to be high so badly that you would take a chemical that hurts you.

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