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#CBDFeelsLike A Good Night's Sleep

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A common question asked when people are first learning about CBD hemp oil is “What does CBD oil feel like?” Even if you have smoked cannabis before, or perhaps seen how it affects people on the Hollywood screen, you may still have the same questions about hemp oil. Does CBD oil get you high? How does CBD oil help? What are even the differences between THC and CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown in studies to beneficial for problems like insomnia, but not in the same way that THC which acts as a sedative. While these two cannabinoids are similar in how beneficial they are to your body and mind, they are still remarkably different in how they interact with our bodies. Instead of making you feel drowsy making it easier to fall asleep, CBD has shown in studies to relieve the underlying anxiety that causes insomnia.

CBD vs. THC for Sleep

THC is a unique chemical because it is almost entirely identical to a compound that is made in the brain called anandamide. This chemical anandamide helps regulate your body’s metabolism, mood, pain sensitivity, and sleep cycle. This is why consuming THC can reduce anxiety, makes you feel euphoric, reduces pain, and can cause drowsiness.

THC directly binds to cannabinoid receptors, which is what scientists believe contributes to the intoxicating effects. CBD interacts with the body differently, not directly binding to any cannabinoid receptors. Instead, CBD oil elevates chemicals like anandamide to increase productivity and efficiency in the body. This elevation process is what research has shown to reduce anxiety and promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Studies have also shown that when you take CBD oil, you may have a more restful sleep. You have stages of sleep that you enter, one of them being the REM stage. During this stage, you are in the deepest most restful sleep. Studies have shown that CBD oil helps to promote the REM stage which means you get a more restful and meaningful sleep.

When Pain Keeps You Awake

CBD also helps alleviate pain which can cause someone to wake up several times a night. Lack of sleep can increase pain throughout the day, which can slow down healing. Pain is also a cause of depression, another ailment to magnify pain and disrupt the sleep cycle. Using CBD topicals on targeted areas or taking edibles for internal body pain can help you with the physical and mental healing process.

When Addiction Keeps You Awake

If you have problems with sleep because of addiction and the cravings are keeping you up or causing extreme anxiety, CBD can help. CBD reduces cravings and can help many ailments that the user has that made them need the medicine in the first place. This includes addicts who started by self-medicating. While it is curbing those cravings, it is helping with the anxiety and depression that usually comes along with substance abuse.


If you’re ready to have a good night’s sleep, well that’s what CBD feels like. Come check out our shop and get started on improving the quality of your life. If you have an experience about how CBD has helped you sleep, we would love to hear about it! You can contact us through any of our social media platforms, and we would love to write about your experience!

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