Is It Happiness Or Is It Mania?

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One of the scariest things about experiencing mania, is not knowing when your happiness is real. It can make you second guess your decisions and become frustrating and confusing. But if you know the difference between being happy and being manic it is easier to tell what you are experiencing.

What Is Mania?

If you have a mood disorder like bipolar disorder, you may have experienced mania in your life. If you don’t know what mania feels like, think about that excitement that you get as your creeping up the roller coaster before the exciting fall but for long periods of time. This euphoria can be scary because when you are actually happy, you might be wondering if you are just lost in a state of mania. But if mania is feeling happy, why is this a bad thing?

Have you ever been so excited about something you could barely control yourself? Maybe it was hard to keep a surprise from someone or someone gave you a gift so you can’t help but be nice and giggly to everyone. When you are having a manic episode, it can be difficult to control yourself leading to risky behavior like drug use, maxing out credit cards, or unsafe sex. So when people who know what mania feels like start to get happy, you can probably understand why they may be worried.

Mania Vs. Happiness

So how do you know when your happiness is real? The answer is in the symptoms. If you are experiencing an extreme joy and exhibit the following symptoms, it is most likely a manic episode.

  • Impulsivity
  • Irritability
  • Exaggerated Confidence
  • Less Need For Sleep
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Feeling Jumpy Or Wired

True happiness isn’t paired with anger or racing thoughts. True happiness is a feeling of content with sprinkles of joy. If you feel that you may be falling back into mania, be sure to talk to your doctor. You may need to adjust medication. You can also try using CBD oil for your mood swings because it may be able to help reduce certain symptoms of psychosis associated with mood disorders.

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