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9 Warning Signs of Suicide

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Many times when someone commits suicide, it comes as a surprise to their loved ones. In most cases, suicide doesn’t sneak up on people. It very rarely comes out of the blue. Many people contemplating suicide have been struggling with those thoughts for a long time, and then the moment came where they just couldn’t hold on any longer. Recognizing these warning signs of suicide can be beneficial to keeping your loved ones out of that dark place.

[Suicide Statistics]

1. Feeling Trapped

When someone talks about feeling trapped in their life, this could indicate they are looking for a way out. Whether it’s their job, their family life, or even just the place they live, feeling like they are always in a cage could make them desire to do something impulsive and unthinkable.

2. Feeling Hopeless

If your loved one feels like there is no point in showering, eating, going to work, or being social they may have just given up on what helps them survive. This could be a good indication of what they are thinking internally, that life doesn’t matter.

3. Reckless Behavior

Suicidal thoughts aren’t always thinking about the act. It could be not wearing a seatbelt, having unprotected sex, or just smoking cigarettes. Not caring what happens to them and putting themselves in risky situations is another form of suicidal behavior that often goes unnoticed.

4. Thinking They Are A Burden

Many people who suffer from negative thoughts may have convinced themselves that they are a burden to others. Even when people who love and support they surround them, they may still feel some guilt when confiding in others. This negative thinking can evolve into thinking that others would be better off without them, which is a dangerous mindset to have.

5. Extreme Mood Swings

Extreme mood swings can be a symptom of a severe mental condition that may harbor suicidal thoughts. One moment they are excited filled with childlike joy, and the next moment they have fallen into a deep depression or pit of rage. The fall from being so happy to being so upset can cause stress that makes the sadness seem more magnified. If they are experiencing these mood swings, depression could become detrimental if they aren’t seeking help.

6. Withdrawing Socially

Many people who have suicidal thoughts retreat from the world around them. Because they feel like a bother or they are too depressed to pretend to smile, they hole up in their homes and don’t come out. This can lead to continued negative thoughts that may eventually win.

7. A Sudden Calm After Mood Swings

If someone reaches a sudden calmness after they have had bouts of mood swings and expressed many of the signs above, they may have decided on their solution. They may have decided that ending their life is the solution to all of their problems and it has given them the first amount of peace they have felt in a while.

8. Preparing

If someone who has expressed suicidal behavior is stocking up on pills or buying a gun, this is a big red flag that they may be preparing for the event. They may also give away possessions to people or say goodbye to people like they will never see them again.

9. Talking About Death

This one may seem a little more obvious, but sometimes it isn’t taken as seriously as it should be. If someone says things like they wish they were dead, never born, or they want to kill themselves they may need to start seeing someone as soon as you can make it happen.

How To Talk To Someone About Suicide

If someone is showing signs of suicide, the best way to figure out if they are contemplating it is asking questions. Being empathetic is important. Otherwise, they may become defensive and not feel comfortable being honest. Many mental illnesses may cause someone to show these signs, but that doesn’t always mean suicide.

If you have determined that their thoughts are unhealthy and they may be a threat to themselves, getting them in touch with a doctor is the next step to keeping them safe. Suicidal thoughts are dangerous, and they may need to be put under specific care until they have received the proper treatment. It might not be appropriate to leave them alone until you can get them to a facility that can take care of them. Be sure to stay positive and be loving, don’t tell them that they are selfish or stupid for thinking this way. It will only make matters worse.

CBD Can Help

Cannabidiol has shown to be helpful with people who struggle with rational thinking. Suicidal thoughts are not rational, and CBD can help the person suffering from those thoughts work through their problems with less struggle. It’s important that even though the hemp oil may help with their mood swings, impulsivity, and irrationality, getting professional help is still necessary for a full recovery.

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