8 Tips To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

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If you are looking to get a new pet, you might be weighing the pros and cons of getting a cat over another furry friend. There is this common misconception that cats are easy which is why so many people will get them, and the only thing they may do with their cat is to feed them and change the litter box. That’s all they need, right? Wrong. Here are some things you should be doing to keep your indoor cat happy.

1. Cats Love The Outdoors

If you have a screened in liana or back porch, let your cat run free! It gives them the ability to experience the great outdoors without any of the risks. You can also train your cat to walk on a harness. If they can get used to it, they will love going on walks around the neighborhood with you taking in all of the new sights and sounds they couldn’t get from their perch by the window.

2. Cats Love The Sun

If you have a window that the sun beams through, try to make it to where your cat can perch up by the window. Whether it is putting a table by the window or building your own perch for them to lay on, your cat will love it.

3. Bring Outside In

You can buy patches of fake grass and bring it inside for your cat to lay in. Extra points if you have it sitting in the sun! This gives your cat the feeling of being outside in the safety of your own home. Remember, even though this cat is your pet, they are still an animal and animals love the outdoors.

4. Cats Love To Explore Junk

You know when you come home with a box, and your cat plays with that for hours instead of the seven toys you bought them? Your cats love to explore bags and boxes, hiding in them and smelling the foreign scents. So, whenever you bring something home your cat can play with, leave it out for a while to keep them occupied and satisfied.

5. Kitty Condo

Cats love cat trees! You can build your own and make it a kitty kingdom or buy one that is premade that will be just as good for your cat. They will love having something they can scratch, climb in, hide in, and snooze in.

6. Bond With Your Cat

Cats may seem less social when you compare them to dogs who are always in your face wagging their tail, but they need some love, too. Take time to play with your cat and let their inner kitty out. It is great exercise, and your cat will love it!!

7. Hide Treats

Cats love to hunt. If you have ever had an outdoor cat, you may be familiar with the little gifts they like to bring home. For an indoor cat, they don’t have little critters to chase down. Hiding treats around your house is the next best thing!

8. Keep Them Healthy With CBD!

CBD oil has shown in studies to help with diabetes, heart problems, depression, anxiety, and other illnesses that can become present in your cat. CBD treats may be a valid option for preventing disease in your cat as well as helping to keep them regulated.

Cats Are Medium Maintenance

A cat may be easier to leave at home alone for long periods of time, but they still take work. If you want your indoor cat to be happy, doing these eight tips are a good place to start. Once you get to know your pet more, you might find that they enjoy certain things more than others. You may even come up with totally new ways to love your cat!


What are some things that your cat loves? We would love to hear about it in the comment section below!

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