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Overwhelmed? Psychologists Say Make A To-Do List

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I love making lists. Ever since I was a kid, lists were my thing. If I had to clean my room, I would make a list of all of the things I needed to do and check them off as I went around picking up toys. And you know what? It really helps! If you have problems with getting things done, you might want to start making to-do lists.

How To-Do Lists Help

  • Ease anxiety and the chaos of life
  • Offer structure
  • Proof of achievement
  • Gives you a better ability to prioritize
  • Helps you figure out what steps are needed to complete a task
  • Helps you avoid avoidance
  • Offer an opportunity for creativity

When you have a whole lot to do, it can feel overwhelming. This is why psychologists say making a to-do list is a great way to start knocking out those tasks. One reason is that our brains are better at remembering things we need to do instead of things we have done. This nagging anxiety can make you feel guilty for having nothing accomplished and make you forget how awesome you are.

Studies have shown that when you use a list to write down what you need to do it can help take care of the anxiety that is constantly reminding you of things that have been left undone. Just simply preparing for a task has shown to make people more effective.

How To Make The Best To-Do List

Start Easy

When you are starting your to-do list, start with easy tasks. This can get you in the rhythm of getting things done and have you feeling productive. Start your day with taking the dog out for a walk, folding clothes, or getting breakfast ready for the kids.

Break It Down

Instead of clean the house, make a list of what rooms you would like to finish. Or you can be like me and write down every little thing you are going to clean from the toilet to the floorboards. This can give you little spurts of confidence as you make your way through your day proving to yourself that you are accomplishing something even if the entire task isn’t complete.


One of the best ways to make a list is to separate your daily tasks into things you absolutely have to get done that day and things you would like to get done eventually. This way you can make sure that you finish all of the important tasks and if you feel up to it, you can start on the extra chores. You’ll never again get distracted with organizing your spice cabinet when you have no clothes to wear for the next week.

Time Yourself

After you have gotten the hang of getting things done, try to see how long it takes you to complete each task. This can help you manage your time better and relieve stress when you have a certain amount of things you need to do in a limited amount of time.

Check It Off As You Go

When you cross off something on your list, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. And anytime you feel like you haven’t done enough, look back at all of the crossed off pages you have completed to remind yourself that you can do anything.

Where To Start?

If you haven’t ever had a to-do list before, we have added some printable images that you can start with. If doing a checklist every day seems overwhelming, start with a monthly checklist and work your way toward being organized every day.



Sarah Potts

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