Vina Bell CBD Tincture with Hempseed Base

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500mg in a 30ml drooper bottle. 16mg per serving, CBD in hempseed oil

5,000mg in a 60ml bottle. 83mg per serving, CBD in hempseed oil

Vina Bell Premium sublingual tincture is infused with 500mg of hemp extract. Use daily to support a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Pure hemp extract in hempseed oil.

Directions: Place one full dropper under the tongue and hold. Or you may add to any drink


When looking for a consistent, high quality, full body treatment for your heavy stress load, look no further than the Vina Bell lines of CBD Tincture. We offer a hempseed and MCT coconut base.

We offer two sizes:

30ml—500mg bottle

60ml—5,000mg bottle

All products contain no detectable THC and are made from full spectrum hemp oil.


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  • Where is this manufactured

    Vina Bell is based out of Colorado and they do all their manufacturing there as as well. 

  • When will you have more 5,000 mg tincture and how much is shipping to Texas?

    It is available now for purchase. Shipping is a standard rate of $10 but we do shipping for free on orders over $85. 

  • This medicine is working for hooking Lymphoma paceint stage four

    Cannabidiol has shown to be effective with cancers like Lymphoma in lab studies. However, there aren't many human trials. There is a mountain of anecdotal evidence saying that it works, but make sure if you choose to use this method that you have your doctor involved in the process so they can monitor the progress of the disease. This can help ensure that you choose the right route towards healing.