Vanilla Coconut CBD Body Balm

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Twist open this jar of moisturizing CBD Body Balm to unlock the healing power of honey, the benefits of CBD and the scent of vanilla with coconut and simply rub where desired. Never greasy and 100% natural, contains 150mg CBD.

Apply externally only as a topical.


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  • What are the ingredients in the vanilla and coconut body balm? I am allergic to many things. Also, is this good for poison oak rash?

    The ingredients are CBD Hemp oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Arnica Oil, and Vanilla Coconut Fragrance. If you aren't allergic to any of these ingredients, then yes, it can help with a poison oak rash by reducing the inflammation and itchiness.  Hope this has helped!

  • What do you recommend for anti aging? I have read on most of your products but am unsure which to try. Most seem to focus on pain ie: arthritis, etc. Thanks!

    The Vanilla Honey CBD Body Balm is a great option because both CBD and honey have shown to have anti-aging effects, giving you a double dose!
    I hope this has helped!