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Our pure hemp CBD crystallized powder is offered for better formulations. Hemp Health CBD powder achieves 99% and higher purity – Our powder is of the highest quality on the market. This hemp CBD crystallized powder is made in a European Certified Laboratory with extensive background in research, breeding, planting and industrial production. 0% THC, non- psychoactive, no side effects, naturally decarboxylated, pure hemp CBD powder.

Hemp Health CBD powder is 90% and higher purity. We source our hemp CBD crystallized powder from industrial hemp using clean CO2, and is produced in a European Certified Laboratory with extensive background in research, breeding, planting and industrial production. Our hemp CBD powder contains 0% THC and is non-psychoactive and has no side effects. It is naturally decarboxylated, pure hemp CBD powder. This product may range from 90 – 99.9% CBD.

Available online in 1g, 5g, 10g bottles. For quantities greater than 50g, please contact us


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  • does this have a flavor? Would it work to add to a smoothie? Warm tea? How much would you measure out to help a 15 year old girl with social anxiety and adhd? I'd like to have something that stays in her system so that she can learn to avoid the amygdala hijack! Would like some idea of how much to use daily (a range)

    That is awesome you know about the amygdala hijack!! Your daughter is so lucky to have a parent who looks into what's going on in her head!! So this product has no flavor added, but there is a faint taste where you will notice it in your food or drinks. You can put it in warm tea, but a smoothie wouldn't work as well because there isn't enough heat to have the crystals dissolve into the liquid. 
    You can also purchase empty capsules and use this powder to make your own pills. This way it lasts for up to 6 hours giving her some relief throughout the day.
    When you are starting out with CBD oil, you want to use a small dose. With tinctures, this is as little as 4MG or 7MG a dose depending on the size of the person and their metabolism. With pills or in tea, using around 10MG to 15MG to start off.
    You should let your doctor know that you would like to start using CBD. This way they can help you monitor her progress and if she is taking any other medication, they can determine whether or not it will interfere. 
    You may also want to look into tinctures as well. Taking the pills throughout the day will help, but for extremely stressful situations she might need to take some sprays or drops to calm down. 
    Starting low is very important so you know how your child reacts to the medication. Adverse reactions are rare, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your kid. CBD oil is also dose dependent which means too much or too little won't be as effective. Taking your time to find the dose is the safest and most efficient way to find out what works best for you.
    I hope this has helped!
    CBD Instead

  • Is your cbd powder water soluable? Suitable for nebulizing?

    This powder is not water soluble. I would not suggest using this product in a nebulizer. 
    I hope this has helped!
    CBD Instead

  • Want to use cbd to help my high school 17 year old gain weight....plays football....does this show up on urine tests? I prefer not to use steroids and growth hormone...he does no drugs and no alcohol and I would not want this to taint his random urine tests for sports. Thanks

    The products we have on our site are all made from industrial hemp, so they do not show up on drug tests. 

  • Can you cook hemp seeds to make a tea

    Yes you can!

  • can I bake with your cbd powder?

    Yes! Make sure you aren't baking at higher than 356 degrees F. Any hotter and you risk losing some of the CBD.
    Hope this helped!