Melon Madness Disposable Vape Pen

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These Hemp Oil Infused disposable CBD vape pens / e-cigs are wonderful for on the go or to try CBD for the first time.

Melon Madness has a nice kiwi-watermelon flavor that's not too strong. 

Around 3-5 puffs and you'll feel the relaxing sensation in your body from CBD & ease away minor aches and pains.

Made with Pure Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Hemp Oil, Distilled Water, Vitamin E, Natural & Artificial Flavors.

Also available in Pink Diva flavor


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  • I'm looking for something for anxiety. I have the chill pen and prefer the disposable pens. Would you recommend something else though?

    How bad is your anxiety? If you get panic attacks frequently or have a constant feeling of impending doom, the tinctures work quick like the vapes and you can have a better control of the dose. If you have a vape and your anxiety is really bad you might have to sit and take several hits while with a dropper you just have one swoop of dosing. If your anxiety is chronic, like fainting and fetal position in the morning type deal, I would definitely suggest concentrates and dabbing CBD. You have to have the hardware for it, but I can tell you from experience it kicks anxiety out of your body so quick it's almost confusing like, "Did that really just happen?" Hope this has helped!