Oral Hemp Oil CBD Tincture

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Our Pharma Holistic CBD Tincture is made with an all-new cannabinoid formulation! This new tincture boasts all the benefits of CBD found in our Original Spray, plus a more complete blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids. In addition, the formula base is made from two of the healthiest oils available – hemp seed oil and coconut oil. This new oil blend base slows the absorption of cannabinoids, and increases the duration of their effects.

This 1oz bottle contains 120mg cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, and terpenes). Available in unflavored (peppermint and vanilla coming soon – available for pre-order now!).

This vegan hemp oil tincture is made from non-GMO hemp grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our all natural formula contains hemp complex, hemp seed oil, (essential oil, CBD and terpenes) coconut oil, Proprietary Homeopathic and Flower Blend, and turmeric.

Each 1oz bottle contains 120mg total cannabinoids in our new blend of coconut and hemp seed oil, with a proprietary homeopathic and flower blend, and turmeric. Offered in unflavored


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  • Is this for everyday use? Can you give this to a child who’s has ADHD/ Autistic? If so is one spray enough?

    This can be used every day and hemp oil has shown in multiple studies that it is safe for children to use. One dose is a great place to start to see how your child reacts to the medication. Gradually raising the dose from a low amount can help you figure out what dose works best for your child because it does vary from person to person.

  • What are the effects if I miss a few days of taking this?

    Studies have suggested there are no withdrawal symptoms from stopping CBD oil. What you can expect is that your symptoms will come back. but unlike other medications, they don't make your symptoms come back and more severe. 
    Hope this has helped!
    CBD Instead

  • how much MG does a single spray give you?

    You can expect to get around 2MG of CBD per spray in the one-ounce bottle, though it may vary.