FOCUS Formula Disposable CBD Vape Pen

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Disposable vape pen with a blend of 25mg cannabidiol (CBD) oil, plant terpenes and a proprietary supplement formulated for focus and concentration.

Available in 9 formulas:
Adam, Cheer, Chill, Energy, Eve, Focus, Hangover, Male+, Pain and Thin

Pinene, β-myrcene

25 mg Disposable Vapor Pens w/terpenes to drive functionality.




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  • Can i use these vape pens on their own? Or do i need to buy more parts to use this? Im looking for an easy simple CBD vape to try out! Does this work like an E cig kinda? Thanks so much, hope to hear back soon! Kimberlie

    The disposable pens don't need any add-ons. You use them until they run out. If you were to get a cartridge, then you would need the vape battery and charger which all come in our starter kit!
    Hope this has helped!