Slim Style E-Juice Pen Battery Kit by B-Buzz'N

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B-Buzz'n slim style vape pen some would say is the sturdiest  yet. This little box packs a lot of punch coming equipped with 1 vape pen with stylus tip and 1 mini USB charger.

You can also choose a color of your liking from blue, green, yellow and red. It has a 5/10 thread count and a maximum of 10 seconds per puff.



1x vape pen battery with stylus tip 1x Mini usb charger (cordless)


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  • What do the different colored lights mean?

    The green light means that it is charged while the red light means it needs charging.
    I hope this has helped!

  • Will your cbd mango cartridges cause you to fail a urine drug test?

    All products on our site are made from cannabis plants that have little to no THC in them. The legal limit being .03% which is not traceable. None of these products will make you fail a cannabis drug test. 
    Hope this has helped!