Slim Style E-Juice Pen Battery Kit by B-Buzz'N

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B-Buzz'n slim style vape pen some would say is the sturdiest  yet. This little box packs a lot of punch coming equipped with 1 vape pen with stylus tip and 1 mini USB charger.

You can also choose a color of your liking from blue, green, yellow and red. It has a 5/10 thread count and a maximum of 10 seconds per puff.



1x vape pen battery with stylus tip 1x Mini usb charger (cordless)


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  • My light on my pen is staying on even when I take my cartridge off. What do I do for it to turn off and not cause overheating?

    If you could contact us at, we can help you get a new pen because yours may be defective. I hope this has helped!

  • i got the pen but it does yellow and red cause i dont got a charger, i wanna buy a charger for it but idk how to mess with it first and dont have a manual

    Did you buy the product from us? Because it is supposed to come with a charger. If you did and you didn't receive one, please contact us at either or visit our facebook page to get in touch with us so we can make it right.  Hope this has helped!

  • I just got my kit. When I try and charge it just stays red

    If your vape kit isn't turning green after charging, it may be defective. If you can message us on Facebook or e-mail support at we can work out a replacement for you or figure out what is going on through troubleshooting. Hope this has helped!

  • What do the different colored lights mean?

    The green light means that it is charged while the red light means it needs charging.
    I hope this has helped!

  • Will your cbd mango cartridges cause you to fail a urine drug test?

    All products on our site are made from cannabis plants that have little to no THC in them. The legal limit being .03% which is not traceable. None of these products will make you fail a cannabis drug test. 
    Hope this has helped!